From Seekers of Truth to Masters of Power: Televised Stories in a Post-Truth World

Dear readers,

We are very sorry for being unable to offer you the English version of the text “From Seekers of Truth to Masters of Power: Televised Stories in a Post-Truth World” by Feyza Akınerdem & Nükhet Sirman.

The text was originally published in South Atlantic Quarterly, Volume 118, Issue 1, January 2019, by Duke University Press. We agreed with the authors about translating the text to Turkish and republishing it in both languages in Red Thread many months ago. Late in 2019, both the authors and the Red Thread were informed by the South Atlantic Quarterly that they refuse to give the permission for republishing the English version, and that we can link to their page instead. Despite the authors being unaware of such restrictions, the SAQ was not willing to make any exceptions from the rule, so we use this opportunity to once again warn the fellow authors to read the contracts they are being offered in details ( and especially the so-called “small print”).

We, of course, refuse to send you to the page where you can rent the article for 48 hours for the price of $15.
We do encourage you to find and read this article by other means available; for instance you can find someone with a free access to the Duke University Press.

This unpleasant experience for the authors, for the Red Thread and first of all for you the readers, resembles a distant echo of the similar situations from the late 1990s / early 2000s. At least, we thought, the gr and copyright debate is over. But we should have known better, as nothing is forever. We may dedicate one of the forthcoming issues to the returning problematics of intellectual property, and especially copyright, and offer the analysis of the situation.

Once again we express our gratitude to Feyza Akınerdem & Nükhet Sirman for the great article and for trying all what they could to make it accessible in this situation.

Happy reading!

Red Thread Journal Editorial Board