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Issue 5 – Editor’s note


Alt-Truths and Insta-Realities: The Psychopolitics of Contemporary Right Our slow and infrequent publishing platform of Red Thread journal presents its new issue, investigating the new-old topic of the contemporary right-wing use of media. Nowadays re-amplified [...]

Issue 5 – Editor’s note2020-05-11T16:43:10+00:00

Propaganda (Art) Struggle


Jonas Staal Digital study with stills from Bannon’s Generation Zero (2010). Steve Bannon: A Propag anda Retrospective, Study (2018), Jonas Staal. Image: Jonas Staal and Remco van Bladel. Produced by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.   [...]

Propaganda (Art) Struggle2022-06-18T01:37:05+00:00

Issue 1 – Editor’s note


As the editors of the Red Thread e-journal we are faced with certain heterogeneity. This heterogeneity is, on the one h and, requested by the project, since it is expected to involve people from certain [...]

Issue 1 – Editor’s note2020-05-08T05:40:51+00:00

Issue 3 – Editor’s Note


The third issue of the Red Thread e-journal comprises of critical case studies, essays, and interviews that come from the region the journal has been focusing on from its inception, and that discuss the different [...]

Issue 3 – Editor’s Note2018-12-07T10:09:25+00:00

Issue 4 – Editor’s note


Red Thread emerged at a point in time when hopes were converging and thinking about geographies that could not - could not - have been related to each other for a long time due to [...]

Issue 4 – Editor’s note2018-12-07T10:07:01+00:00

Dispossession by numbers: 2017/10/70/100


Vladimir Jerić Vlidi (Excerpts from a visual essay for Red Thread: for the multimedia version visit networkfailure.net/dispossession-by-numbers-2017; for the text-only version, download the attached .pdf file). (10) - THE DEPTH AND THE DEBT [...]

Dispossession by numbers: 2017/10/70/1002020-05-09T14:47:33+00:00

“Cultural Hegemony” by Means of the Police


Asena Günal This is a somewhat personal text. Osman Kavala is my employer, and also, since he personally works side by side with us in some projects, my colleague. I was not expecting what befell [...]

“Cultural Hegemony” by Means of the Police2019-01-23T12:12:08+00:00

What Freedom?


Marina Gržinić What Freedom? * When I got the invitation for this symposium with such a title sierras The illegality of Freedom [1] freedom was already echoing in my mind for quite some time. Of [...]

What Freedom?2018-12-06T14:37:18+00:00
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