Issue 1 – Editor’s note


As the editors of the Red Thread e-journal we are faced with certain heterogeneity. This heterogeneity is, on the one hand, requested by the project, since it is expected to involve people from certain geographies [...]

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Issue 2 – Editor’s note


This issue is the product of a collaboration between Red Thread e-journal and SWEET 60s project. Red Thread has provided a theoretical platform for SWEET 60s, a long term experimental, curatorial, scientific and educational research [...]

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Issue 3 – Editor’s Note


The third issue of the Red Thread e-journal comprises of critical case studies, essays, and interviews that come from the region the journal has been focusing on from its inception, and that discuss the different [...]

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Issue 4 – Editor’s note


Red Thread emerged at a point in time when hopes were converging and thinking about geographies that could not - could not - have been related to each other for a long time due to [...]

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